30 July

Construction Technology: What Will We See Next

The newest trend in construction is not building new homes or buildings, but retrofitting. Buildings built with green technology are good; fixing the mistakes of the past will save even more energy and materials.

Suburbs are the principal problem. The average suburban family in the U.S. has three times the carbon footprint of city dwellers. Many suburbanites spend more on transportation than housing. Old suburbs are showing the blight and decay that shoddy building practices in the mid-20th century caused.

Rehabilitation changes vacant stores Read more…

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28 July

Builders Harnessing The Trends Of The Future

There are many new trends in building development. Forget the “McMansions.” The newest trend is low-impact development (LID). Homes are clustered on small lots, reserving 60 percent of the land as open space, including trails and community gardens. Large homes are put on flat areas and smaller ones on rises. Ecological features are used as they were intended, not paved over.

HVAC optimization is the “science” of sizing the home’s heating and air conditioning correctly for its size. Builders have continued to oversize these features, wasting energy in the process.Didn’t Read more…

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26 July

Advancements In Construction Technology, Industry Pace

Technology has a fundamental role in the construction industry, and it has made several advancements in the last decades. In the past, builders drew blueprints by hand. Nowadays, constructions draw blueprints with computer software. Drawing a blueprint by hand can take several days, but a software program can draw a blueprint in mere minutes.

GPS and lasers are also used in constriction technology. In the past, construction workers relied on cutting tools to cut equipment. Lasers are now used to Read more…

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25 July

Modern Construction Technology’s Effects On Safety Practices

New technology, materials and building resources have done much to improve the level of safety within the construction industry. Practices that have been adopted to make use of a new generation of tools and resources would be worth learning more about, especially for those who work in the industry or may be planning an upcoming project or job. Safety should never be less than a top priority on job sites and within working environments where many potential threats and risks exist. The tools and resources Read more…

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24 July

Modern Construction Technology’s Effects On Safety Equipment

The construction industry, just like pretty much every other industry out there, has changed a lot in recent years due to all of the technological advances that have been made as of late. A lot of changes have been made that many people couldn’t have even dreamed of a long time ago, and these changes have improved the construction industry in a major way. This is a very positive thing for contractors and those who work in the field of construction, and it can also be very beneficial for those who are having homes and commercial buildings built or who are having remodeling projects done. Out of all of the benefits that go along with these technological changes in construction equipment and the construction industry in general, however, Internet from Direct TV, one of the most positive things is the way that construction has gotten a lot safer. Although it was once considered to be one of the more dangerous job options out there and even though it can still be dangerous, construction has gotten a lot safer for its workers due to these technological advances, such as equipment being made much safer and communication between various workers being made a whole lot easier.

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